Ethnic brand KIAASA making strides in the apparel industry 

The popularity of the Indian women’s ethnic wear segment has gained considerable momentum in the past decades as India has started to take pride in its roots. Statista reports shows that the market size of women’s ethnic wear in India was about $17 billion in 2020 and was estimated to reach $24 billion by 2025. In fact, according to market experts, ethnic wear is the most preferred outfit for women aged 16 to 50 years. KIAASA is a truly Indian homegrown fashion brand that is dedicated to meet the ethnic wear needs of Indian customers.

KIAASA started its journey as a concept store in the year 2018 by a Noida based exporter however, the entrepreneur duo Om Prakash & Amit Chauhan-led Rugs In Style acquired the ethnic wear venture in March 2021 to take this unique concept to a new level. Incepted in 2010, Rugs In Style has today become a reputed name in the handmade carpet industry. After the acquisition, Rugs In Style’s owners  Om Prakash and Amit Chauhan now operate & manage KIAASA with an aim of keeping modern Indian women close to Indian roots and culture by syncing modern trends with Indian ethnicity. The brand fulfils the demands in the women’s ethnic wear segment across the nation with women’s wear ethnic fashion retail outlets. From unique product designs to blending the traditional techniques with modern weaving techniques, their expert team takes care of everything with a customer-focused approach. KIAASA caters to every ethnic wear need of the new-age female population including kurta set, suit set, lehenga set, dresses, bottom wear, dupatta, accessories, and many more. 

KIAASA, which is the amalgamation of two words – “Kia” meaning Women as pure Goddess, and “Asha” meaning its hidden desire, is an inclusive women’s ethnic wear brand that embraces diversity and celebrates differences of every kind. Irrespective of their style, size, or spending power, KIAASA offers women the most comfortable stylish and trendy traditional fashion.

Talking about their new-age ethnic wear brand, Director Om Prakash shares, “Amit and I have always been focused on uplifting India’s cultural heritage before  global audience. With Rugs In Style, we were doing the very same before we acquired KIAASA. Now, we are building KIAASA not only to be another fashion brand but also to be a storyteller of every modern-day Indian woman. Our loyal customer base is increasing at a rapidly and we are ready to lead India’s women’s ethnic wear segment.”

In the process of accomplishing a dream, one may encounter a slew of obstacles and hardships. But what makes the journey interesting  is the dedicated efforts and passionate approach towards the desired goal. Conforming to the same philosophy, the promoters of KIAASA took the road less travelled and worked round-the-clock to bring the best clothing designs to the creative table & turn around the entire work culture of Kiaasa. Despite trudging on the path of difficulties with a heavy heart and unfaltering attitude, the owner never surrendered to the failure, instead putting their best foot forward to bring a revolution in the clothing industry. 

The company was acquired in the midst of the 1st Corona wave in India when the whole world shut their windows and put a full stop at their services. The brand KIAASA did not take a step back but marched ahead with the mission to reward people with their extraordinary services and constructive outlook. Fighting the 2nd and 3rd wave fiercely, the directors of KIAASA  proved that nothing is impossible if there is a willingness to achieve your dreams. Inspite of several hindrances, the growth story of the brand did not face any hinderance but instead touched the skylines under the guidance of prominent entrepreneurs Om Prakash and Amit Chauhan. “When we acquired KIAASA  in March 2021, the operational store count was 28, today after 1 year, and successfully facing the heat of 2nd & 3rd Corona Wave, we now operates 103 stores pan India” adds the Director Amit Chauhan.  “Even during the tough period, we have successfully acquired 2 renowned brand from ethnic wear sector as part of aggressive expansion strategy in such gloomy business environment & we are taking this pandemic period as a challenge to establish the brand pan India & ensure that KIAASA becomes ‘next door’ brand in next 3 years” explains Om Prakash.

The CEO of KIAASA , Mr.Kawaljeet Singh  recalls, “As soon as Om & Amit took over the control of KIAASA, the 2nd wave strike in April, which alike other players, came down heavily over our planning too and disrupted our strategies for 3 to 4 months. We utilised this slum period in organising our kitchen and stores with new inventory in place, planning the next level of expansion and formulating strategies to minimise the losses due to store closure. As we geared up in month of July-Oct/Nov, the 3rd wave strike, disrupting store operation in  Dec & Jan. So, overall the journey  had been an exciting roller coaster ride ”   

As an innovative ethnic wear brand, KIAASA has built a huge customer base with its 100 operational stores across 20 Indian states. At KIAASA, shoppers get a memorable fashion shopping experience that is unrivalled. Their signature style and latest designed outfits have already positioned themselves as a 360-degree solution to all urban style fashion. They cherish a dream of opening 250 retail outlets all over India by 2023 and are making strides to realize that dream.    



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