ENERGY2KARMA, A start-up website on good morning love images

Why did this start-up come up with this idea? 

Energy2karma, a start-up based in Mumbai and established in 2020, has come up with a website, This website would allow people to download free bulk stock images to wish their loved ones on what’s -app and other platforms.

Well, the number of search terms on good morning images, background images, sad images, and heart images is enormous, and people search these terms for various reasons. The search is not only related to wish their loved ones but also have professional use like stock images for making a website, video editing for YouTube and other platforms, creating posts for social media, and much more. Through the platform, all the above-mentioned people will be served.

Why use this website and not other platforms which offer these services? 

There are many websites that offer free stock images, but with, the style of providing the service is different. On intern miners, you get 1 GB of stock images already segregated for you, and you just have to download the file on your computer and start using the images as you want. Other platforms have different categories of images. Each time you need an image of different emotion or look, you have to go to the website, search and download the image, which takes a lot of time for the creator and is also time-consuming at the same time. To solve this problem, the team at intern miners has kept it simple, and the stock images are compiled in one folder. With a one-time download, creators can save a lot of time and effort that too for free.

What is the future of intern miners?

The platform currently provides 1 GB of images on different emotions and subjects, which will later give the creators an option to download bulk images in different subjects and emotions. The parent company energy2karma is planning to monetize this platform from the traffic it gets through different means like affiliate marketing, backlinking other websites, and also using google AdSense in the future. 

Does this platform provide any other services? 

Besides providing stock image services for good morning images, good night images, and good morning love images, this platform would also connect you to different fields of digital marketing. In the field of digital marketing, they would provide connections in affiliate marketing, blogging, video editing, website development, NFT e-book guide, and much more. 

Which are the other services and platforms by energy2karma?

Energy2karma was established by Nikunj Irani in the year 2020. This company believes in creating platforms that solve problems in the digital marketing space. According to the company search in the digital marketing sector, India would be one of the most prominent players in this sector. The youth is interested and diving deep into this space. Still, there are a lot of ways in which we could make this sector easier for the growing digital marketers by providing platforms that help them and companies grow faster in this digital race of 2022 and beyond.

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