Educating the masses about the Happy Tax and Happy law in India, this is Jahangir Husein’s Journey from IRON to YOUTH ICON.

If courage had a shape, face, and body, it got to be Entrepreneur
Jahangir Husein, a techy who believes that Artificial Intelligence will wholly take over the future. A college dropout due to financial strain worked as an Ironsmith, and few side hustle’s, passion for Jomedy (He explains it as Journalism with a Pinch of Comedy) and a vision to create the worlds most loved TAX & LAW consulting firm, he calls it Happy Tax.

Even we asked the same question as in your mind, how the hell can TAX be Happy?

Well, answering this question, Jahangir explains, “This is what the problem is. Everyone feels that TAX is a burden. If I ask you to fly an aeroplane, it will be a problem as you don’t know how to fly it. However, if I ask a Pilot to fly it, then it will be an opportunity for him, and he won’t hesitate in flying it, right?” he exclaimed. Likewise, masses are to be educated about TAXES and LAW’S, empowering them in their Businesses and Daily Life.  

With marker in hand, he explains to us like a teacher asking, “Do you know what the problem is?” and wrote, “TAX LITERACY” on the whiteboard in his chamber. Turning towards us, he exclaimed,” This is the problem, and it was always there in front of our eyes, but no one was ready to solve it and guess what? HAPPY TAX is solving this problem since 2003, when HAPPY TAX was just a proprietary

What a leap, but Jahangir had not renamed his vision, and his brand still remains as HAPPY TAX. (A big smiling curve embarks every time he hears this name)

Showing us his second office in the busiest town of Navi Mumbai, he proudly inform’s us that he himself built the whole office of 200+ square feet. He says that his side hustles were the secret of
completing these tasks, from painting the office alone to installing electrical points, CCTV, fans, tube lights even the door lock himself. He went on to show the LAN cables that he installed throughout the work stations.

He further adds that a local contractor was hired to do interiors; however, he took the advance money and vanished. So, with this
incident and financial loss, Jahangir had no options left but to
complete the task by himself. He quotes,

 “Anything can be learnt from the failure, and being Self Reliant is the most important lesson life has taught him”.

Quoting his vision, he says, “Just as Death Do Not Wait for Anyone, Dreams Too Should Not Wait.”

At present HAPPY TAX has a decent office and a good number of staff.

Its client base comprises around 300+ businesses spread across 10+ business sectors.

Jahangir says that although Revenue is like a blood flow to the
business, its vision remains its heartbeat, and we are not going to
divert our vision for the sake of Revenue

“OUR VISION IS SIMPLE, Educating the masses about the HAPPY TAX and HAPPY LAW that have great implication’s in their daily Life”. 

Asking about the future strategy, he explains: 

HAPPY TAX had helped 1000s of salaried employees withdraw their PF amount without any professional fee during the pandemic. In
return, the loyal patrons have given numerous business references that has helped HAPPY TAX survive the pandemic.

He explains that free consultancy does not always incur loss.
Helping the employees get their PF amount in times of need was
followed by teaching them how to withdraw PF amount themselves.
This strategy was the major factor that struck the lock and the right chord. 

HAPPY TAX has the vision to go public by 2025, which they call
VISION30 because HAPPY TAX can see itself as INDIA’s largest TAX & LAW Consulting firm by 2030. HAPPY TAX further plans to
outnumber KPMG in world dominance. Their current focus is on business expansion through channel marketing & channel partners.

Currently, Happy Tax is live on

They have Social media presence too. 

And remind yourself that HAPPY TAXATION AND LAW
TECHNOLOGIES PVT LTD is the most loved Tax & Law consulting

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