Dwaipayan Singha: Changing The Traditional Way Of Film Sound in Karnataka

Dwaipayan, the man with no introduction, recently expanded his new venture studio somewhere near South Bangalore, expanding the wings in diversifying into multiple genre work in the audio industry. His recent venture is a state-of-the-art studio with a one-stop audio and video solution facility. Dwaipayan says he is more focused on the upcoming film projects he is directly involved with; he also says he has recently signed more than eight-plus films under and post production stage. 

His new venture is a multipurpose studio and post-production setup, uniquely designed for a one-stop audio solution for film sound. Dwaipayan even says his recent surround studio, which is Bangalore’s first surround music production and post-production suite, is one of the most popular posts for post-production work. He is more focused on the challenges of the music-making business. 

A recent interaction with him says he is working on a new feature film where he expects some celebrity faces, which can be a big song of the year. 

Dwaipayan has recently partnered with a couple of big brands and advertising agencies, where he is producing and directing jingles for ads and commercials. 

Dwaipayan also adds his upcoming movie is a super comedy movie where he is experimenting with some new sounds and introducing many new elements to south Indian cinema. He even shows his excitement about working with different artists around India for his upcoming film. 

Dwaipayan is a versatile music director-composer. His passion and love for music bring the taste and uniqueness and showcase his love for his work; listening to a few of his upcoming songs and versatility, he will soon live in the heart of the audience. 

Behind every successful work, there is a solid team to make all work smooth and successful. He continues by saying Back Road Studios couldn’t launch two studios in the last two months without the hard work and a strong team. He says his current assistant and Back Road Studios Sound Engineer, Nishchay Khandey is a hardworking and optimistic guy he has encountered in the last few months. He is from Chhattisgarh and has earned his position and space in the team. 

Dwaipayan also says in his last interview he is thankful to his parents, who have been a constant support throughout his ups and downs and still more to go, though he is shy talking about his personal life. 

Dwaipayan will be a game-changer soon in the South Indian Film industry with more innovative initiatives in making South Indian film sound into different levels of alternatives. He says he is still learning and overcoming new techniques to grow more and present beautiful art pieces to cherish songs and film sound. 

His upcoming movie is Operation D, and many more have signed up for the coming months. He adds apart from directing music, his main focus is to be the technician for mixing, mastering, and post-production for films, and saying this, he has already mixed more than twenty-five films in the last two and half months and more counting. 

Link: https://instagram.com/dwaipayansinghaofficial?utm_medium=copy_link 

Link: https://instagram.com/backroadstudiosofficial?utm_medium=copy_link 

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