Drove intention & derived motivation from her passion

Swati Yadav, an aspiring writer has raised the bar by penning her thoughts with an urge to decipher human mindset patterns and behavioural analogy. Her scribblings portray a cohesive symmetry between learning & healing. She holds an urge to conquer the minds & arrest the hearts by rephrasing life from the different phases we human beings live by.

Her way of speech is armed with empathy. Hence she believes that every influencer holds an impact to mould the societal prerequisites. To her, there is a way of reading people. Like everyone, she also draws perception but never gets it encountered by assumptions. She values how every human mindset is shaped in a certain way through their life journey.

She studied distinctive thinkers and learnt the meaning of every theory by relating it to the practicality of life. She was keen to have in-depth conversations rather than minimalist understandings of things in life. What made her rough and tough was life’s ECG graph. Delicacy was never her ornament only good ethics and good deeds made her look uniquely different from the rest. Her parents were in Government occupation, her mother being an English teacher, her father had taught as a professor of Economics and later served as District Manager for three different cities. Her upbringing had imbibed the desire to excel than the need to survive for livelihood. Swati has always been full of questions and trying to explore the meaning of life as she believes that we all exist on a purpose.

Her career took a back seat after the pandemic marred the opportunities but that too didn’t turn into a roadblock. That was the phase when she started with her page on Instagram by accepting the storms with grit and grace. As the months passed by, she started writing for multiple magazines. She has written for various artists and entrepreneurs from music, fashion, corporate, Travel, Army, the Bollywood world etc.  Apart from reading her distinctive posts, you may agree to wonder about the blogs & articles she scribbles for a thriving name ALPHA CREATORZ MAGAZINE which has a mission to create a platform for people with talent, rigour & vigour to excel in their art.

This lady Chief Editor of Alpha Creatorz Magazine from Gurgaon brought to the table a combination of experiencing and serving the industries like Travel, Security, Healthcare, Hospitality, and Telecom for more than 13+ years. Swati got lauded for her work by Fox Interviewer, Daily Hunt and even the Global magazine La Vafara – EU | US | AU. She caught the sight of many by walking the ramp for a cause of Women Empowerment at WEAA fest 2020. Her vision is to stimulate the minds by striking a balance between peace and prosperity. She believes an ideal life is living every moment to the fullest with an aligned mindset.

If you may want to dive into the pool of her enlightening thoughts with a sip of your tea or coffee. Log on to her Instagram page – Inkwhatyoudontspeak to read more about her approach


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