The past years have changed the world drastically, from wearing masks and making sanitizers our best friend, life has changed in all aspects but the one system that has changed completely offline to online is the education system. During the time of a global pandemic like COVID-19 DIKSHA E-Learning international has emerged as an online digital platform where eminent ayurvedic doctors, physicians and speakers from all around the world come forward with the unified aim of promoting, propagate and protect Ayurveda. DIKSHA E-Learning was inspired by the digital India program of the Government of India launched by our Honorable Prime Minister Narendra Modi making our nation digitally empowered.

 We started this venture last year in June under the able guidance of late Dr Sudhir Raj N (former principal Ayurveda College Coimbatore). His leadership has been a guiding torch that still shines bright and strong that help us go through any dark times. We conduct various webinars, workshops, online expert lecture series, interactive discussion sessions and much more where the participants from any part of the world can attend at the comfort of their home with just a click away making this platform one of its kind. We have successfully completed 15+ online lecture series, numerous workshops and we have been conducting free webinars in association with Ayurveda College Coimbatore every Wednesday for the past year. We conducted Ayur sameeksha 2021 world’s first international virtual convention on Ayurveda and research advances in COVID 19 where we got a chance to represent renowned speakers like Dr Geetha Krishnan (traditional, complementary and integrative medicine unit, WHO, Geneva, Switzerland ), Dr KS Dhiman (former director general, CCRAS , MINISTRY OF AYUSH), Dr . Rammanohar P (WHO expert group member) and Vd.T.G.Vinod Kumar ( Central council for Indian Medicine) just to name a few. Back in 2020 we conducted Samsiddhi 2020 an international conference organized by Ayurveda college Coimbatore and powered by DIKSHA  E-Learning which was a huge success, where we had the opportunity to listen to great vaidyas like late Padma Shree Vd Krishnakumar ji and Vd Rajesh Kotecha ji, anticipating the same, presently we are conducting Samsiddhi 2021 it is a huge event with more than 43 sessions with over 45 speakers not only that, we have a poster and paper presentation competition with exciting cash prizes of worth 40k awaiting the winners. By thus encouraging young minds of Ayurveda coming up with innovative ideas for the advancement in the field of Ayurveda and research.

The biggest success story of DIKSHA E-Learning international is that DIKSHA is user friendly platform. All our classes are conducted on the zoom platform which makes the session even more attractive. We provide all the required information regarding the lecture series prior to the session in the form of brochures, reminder messages, class links and WhatsApp customer supporting groups, making the experience of the participants as smooth as possible. The amazing feature of DIKSHA is that we provide lifetime access to the recorded session video so that the participants pay once and enjoy learning for a lifetime. We also provide live demonstration classes for our cosmetology training program so that participants can learn cosmetics and product making side by side. Another key feature of our platform is our discussion session, what better way to learn the subject than having a one to one interaction with the speakers. This feature really helps the participants and speakers to have a more personal level of communication where they can share all the in-depth information regarding the subject. This also includes sharing their personal experiences giving rise to clinical expertise regarding the topic. We also have a customer support team that is available 24X7 who are readily available to answer and guide our participants regarding any of their concerns and queries. We also provide exciting discounts for any pre-registered DIKSHA students.

All in all DIKSHA E-Learning international is one step ahead of our competitors, we bring traditional Ayurveda in a new package providing our students and teachers with a new Veda learning experience. To know more about us follow us on our website https://learnwithDIKSHA .com and also subscribe to our YouTube channel https://youtube.com/channel/UCNkrfKOldUY6I_QaTw2CLuQ to get access to our free webinars recorded session. Also, follow us on our Instagram and Facebook handle @learnwithdiksha . Thereby DIKSHA  E-Learning is a digital platform that makes learning Ayurveda easy.

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