“Digital Marketing is booming high – Get noticed with LEADMAGNET”

Unquestionably, Digital Marketing is a booming industry with its techniques being in demand these days as the world is going digital. With a lightning bolt, Joginder Singh Bedi brought creative and result-driven solutions in the Digital marketing segment called LEADMAGNET PVT LTD, a Ludhiana based Marketing Agency, to rewrite the future of your brand. Before we forge ahead, let’s take a sneak -peek into what Digital Marketing means.

In a crux, Digital marketing is a modern method of marketing and advertising products and services by utilising internet and online-based digital technologies such as search engines, websites, social media, email and mobile Apps.


LeadMagnet came into existence in 2016 under the leadership of the founder and the Director, Mr Joginder Singh Bedi, as a Solopreneur. With the entrepreneurial spirit in spades, his thirst for learning and innovating has been exceptional, giving rise to establishing LeadMagnet as a Digital Marketing Agency.

The Industrious team members have been tirelessly patronaging an unceasing and perpetual list of strategies to drive in maximum results in the minimum investment understanding the needs and preferences of their clients. They develop personalised plans as per their client’s expectations embedded with great ideas and unique concepts. They have become accustomed to implementing new strategies amidst facing significant challenges daily, and that’s when LEADMAGENET was elevated into a brand.

Gradually with the rise in client base, he began creating a difference in the lives of the other creative people of the digital marketing clan with the extension of his Line of Business into Social Media Marketing, Branding and Influencer Marketing, video production, content creation, and Graphic designing. Teaming up with equally passionate and zealous employees in the same domain LeadMagnet has inked into a partnership deal with Disney+Hotstar in a short time.

Distinguishing Feature

Maximising the growth of the business with the least investment within a stipulated time has been the primary focus of LeadMagnet. The team aims at “SOLVING THE PROBLEM, rather than SELLING THE PRODUCT”, and that’s where their point of difference lies.

Collaborating with LeadMagnet has been advantageous for the clients, with a gale of overpowering and persisting planners, videographers, content creators, designers and marketers, who excelled in achieving outstanding project results. With consistent training and usage of their abilities to the fullest, the team members have themselves updated and highly skilled in all the phases of their operation with the latest industry trends.

The members of LeadMagnet are a combination of effectively blend management skills and technical expertise with a demonstration of competent performance, steady workflow, and result-oriented approach and over all a purposeful entity.

Marketing is a vast Industry, and being unusual makes you stand apart from the crowd. LeadMagnet is a unique brand that provides a complete box of digital solutions for business leads, low conversion rates, a fun culture at work, and some remarkable, engaging employees and sparking creativity. Pulling clients into a highly energetic culture of creativity is a highly successful Unique selling proposition of LeadMagnet’s services that makes them special and different from others.

In the words of the founder, “The market today is sprawling with many competitors, but choosing the right one is the task of the wise client, and we at LeadMagnet entrust more on unique products, innovative methods of marketing and right people to keep going productively. Our years of experience and expertise has led our organisation to earn a digital marketing partnership with Snapchat by making us the only marketing partner all over Punjab. Our countless effort, sleepless nights, dedication and working all round the clock has made our organisation win a myriad of International Clientele.”

Exclusively architected Multipurpose Studio makes LeadMagnet the first digital marketing agency with its own Video Production House, and this had undoubtedly turned out to be a productive investment where all the potential clients are served with the explosion of their mind, skill and equipment by delivering quality content as it is one of the essential aspects of the major success of any business in no time, by following the crowds.

If you intend to become a leader, no obstacles remain an obstacle. You might face challenges, but when you see the challenges coming, that vibe becomes the harbinger of success. Mr Joginder Singh Bedi represents fearlessness who successfully bootstrapped his journey with a sweet taste of success by going strong as a solopreneur to getting on board and lead a team of creative talents in LEADMAGNET PVT LTD.

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