CareerNaksha’s Unique Psychometrics Platform for Counsellors & Consultants to Help Students Make the Right ‘Study Abroad’ Choice

With multiple study and career streams available in today’s world, the decision to choose the right college and study stream becomes exceptionally confusing for students and their parents. Add to it the difficulty of finding the right college outside India, and the decision-making process becomes even more complex. When the decisions are based on multiples variables: choice of study streams, ranks of colleges, career opportunities after the course, overall fee, and formalities related to getting a student visa, it’s better to work with career counsellors who are not only acquainted with the admission and migration processes but can also offer the proper guidance to help you choose a college and stream that works out for you in the long run. 

CareerNaksha ( was started 3.5 years back with the objective of simplifying and demystifying foreign education. Nimish Gopal, the founder of CareerNaksha, had realised the need for an integrated career counselling, planning, and development program when he tried to apply for MBA programs abroad after his B. Tech degree from IIT Roorkee. Soon after his MBA, he shaped his ideas to lay the foundation for CareerNaksha. In the last few years, CareerNaksha has successfully helped over 15,000 students make the right academic and professional moves. 

Talking about CareerNaksha’s Unique Psychometrics Platform, Nimish says, “Many counsellors across India can help students identify their strengths and areas of interest. However, our motive is to leverage this information to help students choose the right courses and colleges abroad. Our platform helps in mapping multiple variables, including but not limited to, a student’s area of interest and abilities, colleges and streams available in their country of choice, career choices after the course, and the overall fee”. 

With the Psychometrics Platform, CareerNaksha’s endeavour is to expand its partnerships with career counsellors & consultants across India and help them leverage CareerNaksha’s expertise for admissions to colleges abroad. Nimish says, “Students in the metro cities have access to information and experts for foreign education. But as you move to smaller Tier II and Tier III cities, you will see students as well as parents struggling to get the right guidance. CareerNaksha’s mission is to ensure that every student, irrespective of the cities they live in, leverage their full potential and make a right timely choice when it comes to their career.”

CareerNaksha’s integrated and all-services-encompassing approach helps career counsellors utilize counselling tools and services like psychometric, profile building, and informational counselling framework that allows them to provide students with comprehensive guidance and, in turn, increase their income and profits too. 

While career counselling is a well-established and in-demand service globally, people in India are still warming up to the concept. Convincing students and parents that counselling is integral to making the right career choices is a tough job. But despite the general reluctance to seek professional guidance for career-related decisions, CareerNaksha has expanded reasonably fast. With a core team of around 10 people, 1,000 freelance career counsellors, and a growth rate of 50% month on month, CareerNaksha has managed to successfully bring career counselling to the discussion table in smaller towns. By collaborating with local CCI trained & certified counsellors, CareerNaksha has opened more localized counselling centers and successfully grown its reach.

Talking about CareerNaksha’s goals, Nimish says, “Our next goal is to become the largest full stack career platform in Gujarat. In the bigger scheme of things, our goal is to serve 10 million students in the next 7 to 8 years – and make career counselling mainstream. We also want to provide unbiased career development support to all segments of society. Currently, we have partnered with more than 50 NGOs, corporates, institutions, and universities to ensure the right counsellors, platforms, services, and information is accessible to students across the social spectrum.”

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