Vikram N Vikram: Boycott is necessary to keep Hindustani culture alive

Nowadays, there is a wave of boycott among the people of the country regarding Bollywood, which is also necessary and our correspondent talked to Bollywood music director Vikram N Vikram (Movie 3 Shyane fame) about this boycott.
Vikram told that boycott is necessary and it should have started many years ago. The whole family can’t even sit together and watch, these people promote nepotism, in reality shows and other question-and-answer shows, anything hurts our culture by asking questions on the moments related to the privacy of actors, small producers by grouping The director actors stop the music director from coming forward, the matter in front of me is a friend of mine, producer director Gurdev Aneja ji made a small budget science fiction movie Ebn-E-Batuta, but to release it, he had to chew gram because these big people Big theaters of films are occupied and in such a situation, small producers hardly get even small theaters, there is still a movie of Gurdev Aneja ji ready but he has to struggle a lot for theaters, released recently. Producer Director Sanjay Sunatakar and Anees Baroodwale ji’s movie 3 Shayane also met the same fate. Where do these people go??
Then why should not these people and their films be boycotted. They try to humiliate themselves with arrogant things..
We come to Bollywood from outside small towns and villages with our dreams and struggle for years after being hungry and thirsty, while in talent they are not less than these people in any way but still they are ignored because of the groupism of these people, and In this way, most of them go back after getting frustrated, some artists are forced to do other small things, then there are many who are forced to take a step like suicide out of desperation and if someone works hard enough, a little goes ahead. If so, then they stand together in bringing down the big names.
Yes, the boycott of their films is also necessary because they make fun of different religions and culture of India by making films on ul-julul stories! He should learn from the South film industry that why he is so successful today because he makes most of the films around Hindustani culture and religious beliefs and the public also likes his films..
Because we artists coming from small towns and villages are deeply connected with our culture, our family and according to our status, even low budget family films and culture of our India by showing our glorious history are helpful in keeping the whole country together. can..!
That’s why I appeal to the people of India, boycott the films of those people who are not up to your expectations, but you must watch the films of small producer directors, actors, music directors, support us, encourage us so that we can share our Hindustani culture. And do good work by staying in tehzeeb and move forward.. Thank you, Jai Hind 🙏

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