Binciya Salim- lady voice in the Up &coming Eduspace

Binciya is an enterprising young individual in the up-and-coming Eduspace, where she holds an experience prowess of 8 years under her belt, particularly in the niches of Strategy, Marketing and Business Development. Despite holding a Masters’s in Business Administration, her yearning for an on-ground, hands-on experience led her to Kickstart her career through entrepreneurship initiatives based on Schools, Students and Children’s Magazines. She considers this as a huge milestone in her career and perceive this as a thriving stepping stone to all her career prospects. Hailing from a family background that has had the first-hand experience in taming and growing a business, right from its gensis to projection, it was only natural for her to get drawn to the quaint little intricacies that made or broke the art of management. Over time, with the help of such nitty gritties , she grew her stature in leadership skills, eventually overseeing multiple teams into achieving a coherent goal, individual moulding as well as consistent, rapid organisational growth. Even with such staunch marketing projects on her hand, She oversaw the career guidance for a lot of students and academia, building a passion project in parallel. She is also an ardent believer in the principles of cross-cultural learning, an idea that has helped her revamp the diversity in one of her university projects, by a margin of 40%.  As she is deeply influenced by the power of cross-cultural communication, she uses it to ease her visions further and open the business dimensions to newer perspectives, to angles that might be incomprehensible and incognizant to minds that are willing to unlearn. Her strong analytical thinking, compounded with her marketing expertise, was pivotal in the overhaul of most of her projects, ranging from something as trivial as Database management to something as paramount as Rebranding, eventually helping her organisation to achieve a revenue upscale by 75% in just over a year and a quarter. Public Relations is one of the most vital factions of business in today’s age and Binciya has taken utmost care in building a positive public discourse on the organisations that she has worked with, by building a brand that is synonymous with the work standard set by her team. She has always tried to sell a narrative, or tell a story with the brand, that has effectively and efficientily differentiated their competencies from their competitors and tried to speak to their total addressable market a little louder, and with a lot more depth. These ideals of rebranding is not just limited to mere operational stints of the organisation, but effectively made pervasive throughout the brand right from the design aspect to the final stages of the business lifecycle. She also thinks its paramount not to discount the left side of the brain in a business, and has always taken deeper dives into the streams of finance and management, discerning and deciphering the analytical side in the world of commerce, to understand the world of business in her respective industries, a bit more holistically. She has seldom shied away from applying all the little things that she has picked up from her multi-cultural, socio-environment interactions, in all her endeavours, be it big or small, not just to optimise the process, but to add a bit of flair to it. This is particulary evident in one of her stints as a marketeer where she assertively expanded the georgraphical capabilities of her organisation to the MENA region through a well streamlined business strategy that penetrated and cohesively tied together all the departments of the organisation. She was quick to climb the organisational ladders through and through, reaching the pivot of top management shortly, where she gave more focus on building the brand further. Even with such aggressive growth-oriented strategies that encapsulate both geographies and demographies, she is a strong advocate for open and transparent symbiotic workplaces and has strived to maintain a work ethic that shatters the glass ceiling for all women. She is an champion of open, transparent and professional work culture, not just in theory, but ardently following and fostering change in whichever space she could add value to. Her ambition for long-term sustainable growth is only paralleled by one facet, her drive for tangible short-term wins. To top it all off, she counts herself as a mosaic of all the people she has ever met, who have helped her grow as an individual and as a manager. With all the ingrained aspects of deep communication, problem solving, deep rooted ideals of business stratagems, passion for the management aesthetic and her acquired taste for the vast changing socio-economic-cultural fabric of the world, she considers it an honor to work, improve and impact positively on the multilateral Eduscape of the globe, where it would be more than an opportunity, rather a privilege, to learn, interact and grow together.

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