Abhay Sarkaria, Amazon’s #1 bestseller, has come up with the second book titled ‘Ghuhels’, a collection of sweet, salty, and sour poems!’, which consists of 100 classic fictional poems.

Abhay Sarkaria is a veteran in his field of writing. He has started his career at a very young age. He was just 14 years old when he published his first short story in a local newspaper and successfully completed every project that was given to him with utmost sincerity and devotion. His books are thrilling and full of wanderlust for all readers from 6 years to onwards. Since he started writing books, his books have done so many significant things, and now his book ‘Ghuhels’ is counted as a bestseller of the year.

The book is a collection of beautiful classic poems. He engages us in his poems and the emotions flowing through each poem. The poems are not based on a single theme but portray different emotions, and he talks beautifully about love throughout his book. He believes life is not about a single character or single story but about multiple characters and their stories. His inspiration for his fictional stories and poems comes from actual events and real-life characters from his everyday life.

The first book of Abhay, ’ The Golden Orion,’ was published in November 2020 and was much appreciated by the readers, which led to the second book, ‘Ghuhels’- A collection of beautiful poems where every word has an emotion!’ Although the second book is totally different from the previous one. Abhay, with his series ‘Ghuhels’, brings us a collection of poems that are about life’s challenges, relationships, and one’s approach towards life. They talk about accepting whatever the situation is at the present moment and deriving something positive out of it. Most of the poems are depressed and best suited for classic readers.

Talking about his latest book, author Abhay Sarkaria reveals that the idea for the cover of his book struggled a lot. Abhay says, “All days of life are not the same. Life is full of good and bad experiences. So, on the days when we face adversity or misfortune, accepting it and finding something positive in it, is the best way to deal with it. I feel this is the secret of leading a good life.”

Poems by Abhay in his book drive us to think and tackle the problems of life more maturely. The book is available for readers on Amazon, Kindle, and Flipkart.


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