2022 : Reset My Compass

At the start of 2022, did you promise to yourself that 2022 will be YOUR year? That you will go all out to achieve your goals this year…

Now that we are already one month into 2022 [time flies..], are you on track? Or are you a teeny bit off-track already?

There is a simple reason for this – the WHY!

You see, if we are unclear about WHY we have set goals for ourselves, we do not remain ‘motivated’ enough to work on them.

It’s like trying to be ‘healthy’ but not sure WHY (Is it for a health reason ? Or an upcoming festive occasion ? Or perhaps a competitive event ??). If we know the WHY, we will be motivated to define the HOW as well.

A chat with Coach Manish Jain could be what can guide you to find your “WHY”.

Remember, Goals are Dreams with a Deadline.

If you are ready to explore the WHY of your goals, connect with him today for a FREE 30 min session by booking a session with him: https://calendly.com/coachmanishjain/news .

Set the direction of your life’s compass to point towards GROWTH.

ActionCOACH Manish Jain

 Website: https://coachmanishjain.com

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/manishjain79/

 Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/actioncoachmj/

 Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/actioncoachmj/

About Coach Manish Jain :

 Business and Executive Coach Manish has helped numerous Business Owners and CxO level Executives scale growth challenges and upgrade their personal and entrepreneurial growth trajectories.

 Manish has 33+ years of international experience and is skilled in a multitude of business functional areas like Sales & Marketing, Profitability Improvement, Business Development, increasing Operational Efficiencies, Team Mentoring, Vendor Management, Business Transformation, implementing Safety as well as Quality processes.

 Manish has handled diverse aspects of a business successfully and won accolades. He has a strong experience of varied backgrounds and cultures and has travelled widely across the globe.

Manish did his Masters in Mathematics, MBA from the prestigious Faculty of Management Studies, Delhi, an Honours Diploma in Systems Management, as well as a Certification on Software Requirements for Business Systems (England). He is a voracious reader, a strong believer in awakening our inner potential, and possesses a dry wit.

As a certified Business Coach and Executive Coach, armed with a proven framework from the world’s #1 business coaching company – ActionCOACH – Manish utilizes his life-long learnings and experiences to assist Business Owners and CxO’s in setting goals by discovering their ‘WHY’, planning actions to take them towards their goals, addressing their challenges and forging their true potential – for their business, for their team as well as for personal goals.

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